Pet insurance for Do317 pet parents

Vet costs are getting out of control, so we did something about it.

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Fully-loaded coverage

Free online vet visits 24/7!

All pets insured through PAKT's partner get free online vet visits, at no cost to you!

With appointments every 15 minutes, you can say goodbye to waiting rooms!

Covers up to 90%

You worry about your pet, they worry about your bill.

So if the vets bill is $1,500, you could pay as little as $150 for treatment!  

Accident + Illness

  • Tooth extractions
  • IV fluids and medications
  • Surgery / Hospitalization
  • Exam fees as result of covered accident/illness
  • Hereditary / congenital conditions
  • Allergy / heartworm treatment
  • End of life expenses
  • Broken bones
  • Digestive problems

You can text, call, or email us

PAKT's customer service and licensed claims team is here to help you no matter your insurance issue.

Do317 dog friendly patios

When it's warm out, there's nothing better than being able to enjoy an adult beverage on the patio somewhere with your pooch by your side. SO, we've rounded up a list of places that are dog-friendly in and around Indy!

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Important things to know about pet insurance

Waiting period

Policies provide coverage for accidents and illnesses that occur 14 days after the policy goes into effect.

Routine expenses

The policy does not provide coverage for cosmetic or routine expenses as these are not unexpected.

Pre-existing conditions

Like other pet insurance policies, we do not cover medical illnesses and accidents that occur before your policy start date and the waiting period.