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Who is the insurance company?

Auto / Home / Renters / Condo: We partnered with Wolverine Mutual Insurance Company. They are a local mutual serving Michigan and Indiana with over 100 years experience. You may not have heard of them because they don't spend your premium dollars on big ad campaigns.

Learn more HERE.

Pet: We partnered with because they are on a mission to make pet healthcare accessible and affordable for pets everywhere. You probably haven't heard of them, because they don't spend your premiums advertising, instead they have cool features like free virtual vet visits.

Learn more HERE.

Who is my broker?

We created DoStuff Insurance Agency to become a broker which allows us to earn commission. We partnered with PAKT to manage the day-to-operations.  Things like managing claims, change policy information, getting you documents.  All the boring stuff we don't want to do.

What is Single Limit?

Every State requires drivers have insurance to protect other people, which are stated as Split Limits. In indiana that is 25/50/25.  This means a limit of $25,000 per person who is injured in the accident.  $50,000 limit for all the people injured in the accident (4 people injured would get max $12,500 per person).  And $25,000 for property you damage (other persons car, house, telephone pole).  

Single limit on the other hand is one limit, say $100,000, for everthing that happens during the accident. Its a lot easier to understand and when you accidently sideswipe that Bently, you aren't limited to $25,000 of coverage.

What does my policy cover?

Auto insurance covers you when you are in an accident. What you do to other people and their property. What happens to you and your property.  And the inconvience of having something go wrong.

I'm required to have insurance, does this cover that?

The are two primary auto insurance requirements.  (1) Every state requires you to have minimum financial requirements to own a vehicle, (2) Most companies financing your vehicle requires the owner to have collision & comprehensive insurance with a deductible below a specified amount.  This policy meets both of those requirements.

What is a Mutual Insurance Company?

A Mutual Insurance Company is not a stock company but a company that is owned by its policyholders, i.e. you if you buy the insurance.  In the event of profit the money typically comes back to policyholders in the form of discounts on future premium.

I need an ID card, my policy and/or Declorations page

Someone wants to know that you have insurance and its in good standing. Request the type of document you need under My account.

I want to change my policy, add/delete a driver or vehicle

You can always add or delete a person or vehicle from your policy. To add we'll need some information about the person or vehicle. To delete we need you to tell us what to delete.

To get started go to My account.

I need a Loss Payee

A Loss Payee is 3rd party that is entitled to receive insurance payments in the event the vehicle is damaged. Typically, it is requested by the company with financial interest in the vehicle.  I.e. a lease or an auto lender.  This ensure that if you total a vehicle, they get paid first for the outstanding balance.

To request to add a Loss Payee, go to My account.

I want to update my payment information

Lost your card. We've been there.

If you need to update how you make payment, go to My account.

How do I cancel my old policy?

If you bought insurance from us but haven't canceled your old policy, you are going to want to do that. Each insurance company has their own set of rules for cancelation, but one thing usually holds true, they will back date the cancellation to the date you bought insurance from us and that comes with them returning premium.

Usually its a matter of showing proof of other insurance, which you can order in My account.

I want to cancel my policy

We get it, sometimes you need to cancel.  Our goal is to make it as painless as possible.

You can cancel your policy under My account.

I was in an accident, what do I do?

If you are still at the scene and the vehicle isn't drivable, you should call the police.

If you are ready to submit your claim, submit it here

How do I get an update on my claim?

Quickest way to get an update is to email us at or call 317-799-1138

How do I get a rental car?

You have two options. 1) Select your own rental car company, that company will set up direct bill with Wolverine, or 2) Let your adjuster know you need a rental car and they should be able to assist. Actual rental car, depends on the company.  

The insurance company pays up to the policy limit. You will be responsible for anything over the policy limit.

How do I get roadside assistance?

You can either call Quest at 877-488-2423 and they will handle assisting with the requested vehicle services.  Quest will bill the insurance company up to the  policy limit.  You will be responsible for anything over the policy limit at the time of the tow.

Or if you have a tow company you would rather contact directly, please do so and submit the paid invoice to  We will provide to the insurance company for reimbursement up to the policy limit.

Why is DoStuff sponsoring insurance?

You trust us to answer "What are we going to DO tonight?" So we thought, what else can we do for our community that would make a better experience for you while making us money.  So we partnered with PAKT to provide an insurance experience that everyone will benefit from.  Auto made sense because we know y'all do stuff and to do most stuff you need to drive.  And if you drive you need insurance.

If something goes wrong who do I contact?

You can email, text or call us at any time. Our support team is powered by PAKT who's sole mission is to create a better experience for insurance customers. They are your single point of contact to help with any issues including policy changes, billing, claims and any other questions you can think of.

What do I get for buying insurance from DoStuff?

You have to buy auto insurance, so why not buy it from a community you love.  We offer the service level of an agent but the feel of going direct. This provides you an advocate for you with the insurance company.

Your purchase will go towards creating more content, events and experiences in Indy.

And if that wasn't enough, DoStuff will be donating 2% of premium directly to a local charity.

Still have questions?

Please contact us at
or call/text (317)420-8735